Enhancing Your Browsing Experience with PlutoAI's Latest Updates

Enhancing Your Browsing Experience with PlutoAI's Latest Updates

We're thrilled to announce significant updates to PlutoAI's product offerings, aimed at optimizing your browsing experience. Our latest release includes a host of new features and improvements, designed to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity. Let's dive into what's new:

Web Extension Update

Version 1.0.4 of our web extension introduces powerful new capabilities:

  1. Save and Search: Now you can search through your active tabs, recent history, browser bookmarks, and PlutoAI account bookmarks directly from the extension.
  1. Extension Settings: Enjoy advanced settings that enable one-click auto-saving of bookmarks and fine-grained control over your search with incremental browser permissions.

Collection Management Updates

Managing your resources within PlutoAI collections is now easier than ever with our new drag-and-drop interface. This feature allows you to effortlessly rearrange items within a collection or move them between different collections, streamlining organization and enhancing efficiency.

We've also introduced multiple views for the collections page:

  • Grid View: Perfect for users who prefer to view multiple collections at once and easily move items between them.
  • Card View: Ideal for those who prefer a detailed, card-based view of their collection items.
  • List View: A neat and simple list format displaying just the titles of your items, catering to users who prefer a minimalist approach.

Center Stage - Tabs and Session Manager

Our redesigned tab manager page, now known as the 'Center Stage,' acts as your central console while browsing. From here, you can effortlessly manage collections, saved bookmarks, browsing sessions, and access the tab manager directly, all in one place. Elevate your daily productivity and take your online bookmarking experience to the next level.

Sessions Management

Introducing Session Manager – never worry about losing your active sessions again:

  • Automatic Snapshots: Periodic snapshots of your open tabs and windows ensure seamless recovery in case of browser crashes or accidental closures.
  • Manual Session Saving: Save and rename browsing sessions for later reference, allowing you to pick up where you left off with ease.
  • Organized Browsing: Keep your browser clutter-free by saving related tabs as sessions and switch between them effortlessly for a streamlined workflow.


In addition to these exciting new features, we've addressed several bugs to ensure a smoother user experience:

  1. We have updated the account onboarding flows to streamline the user signup process via the extension. Now users can use the browser extension to signup and create their account, which will be linked directly to their main PlutoAI account.
  2. Enhanced search filter functionality, allowing for easier use of multiple tags in bookmark searches.

At PlutoAI, we're committed to continuously improving our features and experiences to better serve our users. Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements in the coming months as we continue to evolve and innovate.

Thank you for choosing PlutoAI – where browsing just got better.